Join the Online Community

The internet isn’t great just for buying and selling concert tickets. There’s also a vibrant community of concert enthusiasts out there that are sharing their wisdom. There’s even a large community of individuals that are concerned about families and their concert experience. Sites like Quora and Reddit have a lot of conversations on the topic that are going on at any given time, but they are certainly not the only resources out there that you can use. Google, or any other search engine, can be helpful for pointing you in the right direction. Really, there are a huge number of sites and articles dedicated to the topic. Hopefully, the information that you’re looking for will be easily discovered.

Start Taking advantage of your resourcesOne place that you might not have considered is to check out the ticket sites themselves. Sites like StubHub and SeatGeek have blogs right on their sites. A lot of this is geared toward new concert announcements, but you will also find advice about having fun at whatever show (or any other event) you are headed to. From time to time, you will find information on how to make your event more family friendly. You’ll also find blogs on concert safety, etiquette, and more. There are a lot of really strong resources right at these sites, so don’t overlook them. Just because they are selling tickets does not mean that they don’t have great information for you. In fact, because they are selling tickets it is in their best interest to help you get the most out of your concert-going experience. When you do, you’re more likely to want to go to a second—and a third—concert with your family.

Not all advice that you will find on the internet is one hundred percent accurate. Believe it or not, not everyone on the web is an expert, even if they claim to be. A lot of what you will find is good-spirited but won’t necessarily be all that helpful for you. Be cautious whenever you take advice from the internet. One of the easiest ways to ensure that the advice you are using is good advice is to confirm that information with more than one source. This can help you to avoid any potential problems that you might come across because you relied on the bad advice of one person.

Consult Others You Trust

There might be people that you know that have expertise in this area. Feel free to consult friends and acquaintances that are familiar with the concert experience. For example, if there’s a local venue or arena that you’ve never been to, someone you know probably has. Find out if there’s a best place to sit or hang out at. Find out if the venue is kid-friendly or has a family seating area. Find out if they know of any good deals on tickets. These things are usually handled better from a local level, just because the people that are around you are probably bigger experts than generic internet advice can be.

Over time, you will find that you have gained a lot of information when it comes to bringing a family to a concert yourself. After a while, you might find yourself coming across questions and concerns that you know the answer to. When this happens, you can start giving back to that online community and let them know your thoughts on how they can get the most out of their next concert experience. It might be a little thing, but it can feel good to give back after finding information that has helped you to get the most out of your concert going.

Either way, your family can have a great time when you head out to a concert. Seeing what has worked for others in the past and learning from them can be one of the easiest ways to enhance that experience.